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August 20th 2009 -
Added new pictures to the promo gallery

August 5th 2009 -
Check out this picture done by a fan of Krysta's. All credit goes to Brad Langer

April 8th 2009 -
Krysta Lynn Scott back in action!
Clairmont Community School Presents:
'Wrestling For Literacy'
Clairmont Community School Gym
Friday May 1st 2009
Doors Open 6:30
Bell Time 7:30
check out for more details!

November 24th 2008
Krysta Lynn Scott vs Danyah from East Coast Pro Wrestling Island Invasion June 1st 2008

October 23rd 2008
A new television series currently in pre production and ready to air by spring on Rush HD throughout Canada on Bell Expressview and other cable systems. This series is a behind the scenes look at independant professional wrestlers on tour throughout Canada and abroad.

Help spread the word join the facebook group and then invite all your friends!

June 16th 2008
Added over 50 new pictures to the action and other galleries

June 9th 2008
Added 25 new pictures to the action gallery

June 8th 2008
Added 30 new pictures to the action gallery

April 28th 2008
Check out for a new interview with Krysta Lynn Scott

April 27th 2008
Krysta Lynn Scott & Vance Nevada vs Amazing Grace & Kyle Sebastian Part 1

Krysta Lynn Scott & Vance Nevada vs Amazing Grace & Kyle Sebastian Part 2

Krysta Lynn Scott & Vance Nevada vs Amazing Grace & Kyle Sebastian Part 3

April 24th 2008 -
Check out footage of Krysta on Tony Condello's Death Tour:

Krysta Lynn Scott vs Amazing Grace - Part 1

Krysta Lynn Scott vs Amazing Grace - Part 2

April 20th 2008
@ North Sydney Forum / 7:00PM
Featuring: ECPW Heavyweight Champion Kowboy Mike Hughes, Wildman Gary Williams, Sidewinder and many more!General Admission at the door
Adults $15
Seniors & Children under 12 $10
Check out the facebook event page and invite all your friends!

April 8th 2008 -
New Wrestling Reality Trailer

March 20th 2008
Added pictures from a run-in Krysta recently did at a show in Western Canada.

March 11th 2008

Added pictures from Krysta's last tour the "Northern Tour" or better known as the "Death Tour". Pictures were added to all three sections.

February 9th 2008
Check out SLAM! Sports, they have a new story up about the "Death Tour” with comments from Krysta Lynn Scott.

February 7th 2008
New pictures added to the action and other sections

February 6th 2008
Krysta debuted with WFX Wrestling on the weekend in front of a sold out crowd in Winnipeg at The Marlborough Hotel losing to Veronica Vice.

January 18th 2008 -

Winnipeg-based sports promoter Tony Condello is gearing up for his annual trek across the frozen lakes and through the wooded wilderness of to bring his showcase of wrestling to the remote aboriginal communities of northern Manitoba.

Condello, who is an alumnus of the ring himself, has been promoting professional wrestling since 1973, and has made the winter tour for more than 20 years. As a wrestler, Condello stepped in the ring with the likes of Mad Dog Vachon and Nick Bockwinkel in matches held in Winnipeg and across the American midwest. As a promoter, Condello has scouted some of the top names in the business and the alumni list from his annual winter tour reads like a who's who of professional wrestling -- WWE World champions Chris Jericho & Edge; NWA World champions Christian Cage & Rhyno; and internationally acclaimed stars such as Jim Brunzell, Baron Von Raschke, Lance Storm and countless others have appeared for Condello over the years.

"If there's one thing I know, no matter how much people say that wrestling has changed, you need to have the talent, or you've got nothing" says Condello. "When I show up in the town, the people in the community need to be confident that they're going to get their money's worth. I need to bring talent that can produce."

Condello is particularly excited about this year's tour, which includes the top 12 prospects in Canadian wrestling today. Many of which are currently being scouted by major organizations in the United States and abroad, and Condello is certain that among this year's roster is another future international superstar in the making.

Among those appearing on this year's tour include:

"Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada - A fifteen year veteran of the mat wars, Nevada has stepped in the ring with a number of WWE superstars including Jim Neidhart, The Honky Tonk Man, Tatanka, and more. During his career, he has appeared in every province except Quebec and held main event billing almost everywhere he has appeared. This marks Nevada's fourth northern tour.

"Golden Lion" Gurv Sihra - Coming off an incredible year in 2007, Gurv had a WWE tryout in May, attended a camp in St. Louis, Missouri on invitation of former six time world champion Harley Race in August, and has been in touch with other industy-leading organizations. Following in the great tradition of outstanding Indo-Canadian grapplers such as The Great Gama and Tiger Jeet Singh, industry insiders have great things to say about this up and comer. This is Gurv's second appearance on the northern tour.

Krysta Lynn Scott - Fresh off a campaign on the east coast where she has toured with veteran promoter (and father of WWE star Rene Dupre) Emile Dupre, Canadian wrestling fans may also be familiar with Krysta from her appearances on the Fight Network's "Wrestling Reality" series. Trained by Maritime mat star Gary Williams, Krysta is looking at 2008 as an opportunity to eclipse her east coast success with a steady match schedule in the west. This will be Krysta's first exposure to the Manitoba north.

Alex North - Quebec-born Alex North is highly regarded on the Quebec wrestling scene where he has become a reliable headline performer. He has built on that reputation with success on tours in the Maritime provinces as well. Highly regarded by his peers for his winning personality and tireless ambition, Alex is hoping that this tour will provide a springboard for greater achievements in his young career. Alex, and rival Bryan "The Axe" Lewis will be the first two wrestlers in the history of the tour to represent Quebec on this campaign.

Adrian Walls - Touted as one of the most solid mat grapplers active on the scene today, Walls' in-ring style is reminiscent of the 'fundamentals first' wrestling style represented by the American Wrestling Association which held a monopoly on the Manitoba wrestling scene for a number of years. Able to mix it up as a brawler, or go to the mat with a fine arsenal of holds and counters, Adrian Walls is regarded by his peers as the most under-rated Canadian wrestler active today. Currently hailing as the Power Zone Wrestling champion in Alberta, Walls is looking to expand his championship status to a national level.

Also appearing on this year's tour include Johnny Obsession (Burnaby, BC); T-Bone (St. John's, Newfoundland); Kyle Sebastian (Lethbridge, Alberta); The Mauler (Prince George, BC); Bryan "The Axe" Lewis (Trois Rivieres, Quebec); Scott Savage (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia); Harv Sihra (Burnaby, BC); and introducing the debuting Amazing Grace (Lethbridge, Alberta).

For more information about the tour, or this year's roster the media is welcome to contact Vern May, tour coordinator at 604-834-3906 or by e-mail at

December 17th 2007
Tomorrow night is the season 1 finale of Wrestling Reality. Make sure you tune in at 8pm EST only on the Fight Network to see how the season ends.

December 8th 2007
There is a temporary URL for the Wrestling Reality website please use until further notice.

November 29th 2007
Make sure you watch The Fight Network every Tuesday night at 8pm EST to see Krysta Lynn Scott on the TV series Wrestling Reality. You can also visit to watch Wrestling Reality online.

November 12th 2007

Along with the official premier of the show on The Fight Network on November 13th at 9pm, you can catch the WR stars on these shows next week:

Entertainment Tonight Canada on November 14th

Brody Steele will be on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg (Date and time TBA)

Canoe Live (Date and time TBA)

The LAW "Live Audio Wrestling" radio show will have Brody Steele on air Sunday night November 11th.

Breakfast Television (Toronto) - November 14th

Don't forget to watch the premier on November 13th. The family friendly version will be airing at 9PM AST, and the uncut version will air at 1AM AST later that night.

Also there will be a Wrestling Reality Premiere Party at Fibber's Pub and Eatery check out this event page for more details:

October 27th 2007
Added 3 new pictures from the ECPW show in September to the action section.

October 2nd 2007
Check out the Maritime Wrestling group on facebook or YouTube to see a very special video of Krysta Lynn Scott getting busted open and how the locker room reacts to it.

Facebook Video

YouTube Video

September 21st 2007
Wrestling Reality Update From Star Peter Smith:
"Ok everyone, here's the scoop. Sorry for the confusion as it's been a hectic couple of days with some miscomunication. After careful consideration, The Fight Network and WR have decided to air on Sept 25th as planned. We will be showing the half hour portion of our documentary first episode as a sneak peak of the series. TFN was very impressed with the completed series and on advice of their ownership and sales team, want more time to properly advertise the full series. It will air at 8 pm EST (9 pm AST). The full series will begin airing weekly in it's 90 minute time block in early November. Please enjoy the show and thank you for your support." - Peter Smith -

September 14th 2007 -
On September 25th at 9pm Atlantic Time 8pm Eastern, Wrestling Reality will air on the Fight Network. The show will be 90 minutes long and along with the documentary it will also feature full length matches.
If you have Eastlink it is channel 115, if you don't already have the station it costs just $2.95 per month make sure you order it today so you don't miss out on this historic event.
Check out the facebook event page and invite all your friends to watch.

August 6th 2007 - Added some new pictures to all three picture sections from the Wrestling Reality Tour in April/ May 2007

April 26th 2007 -
Krysta has a new interview online at
Click here
to check it out

April 10th 2007 -
Krysta will be going on the Wrestling Reality Tour. Check out the Show Dates to see where you can see Krysta live and in action! For more information on the tour visit

November 19th 2006 -
Added 6 new promo pictures taken October 29th 2006 in Irishtown, New Brunswick

October 16th 2006 -
In early September Krysta had the great opportunity to be able to train with the top female wrestler in the world Sarah Stock aka The Dark Angel . Here is a Training Match that they had.

October 14th 2006
I have added a video of Krysta's first ever match. It was in Maine for NWH in May 2006. Match 3

September 23rd 2006
Two of Krysta's matches are now online. The first match is from the Grand-Prix Wrestling tour this past summer against She Nay Nay. The second match is a match from the training school back in May against Zero. Match 1 / Match 2

September 18th 2006
Added some new pictures to the action and the other gallery.
If you have any pictures of Krysta that you don't see on the site please email them to

August 6th 2006
Krysta has a brand new email for you all to contact her. Email